Why Do People Gamble Online? A Hypothesis

Gambling is as old as mankind, maybe older. If the dinosaurs ever had a civilization of their own they probably played games of chance just like the rest of us because even today we see animals taking risks when they hunt or fish. Gambling is a refined form of risk-taking that really evolved from our need to take risks to survive.

Have an Adventure in the Turks and Caicos

Large expanses of white sand beaches and crystal clear waters make the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean an alluring destination for a fun-filled vacation. A wide spectrum of land and water sports are available on these islands ensuring that visitors are never short of interesting things to do while they are on holiday, Whether they are in Providenciales (or Provo, as it is often referred to by the locals) or in Middle Caicos or Grand Turk, land and water sports enthusiasts can look forward to an unforgettable vacation

How Hair Loss Hurts Your Self-confidence

Rarely do we find teens & young adults in their early twenties with baldness issues. Men in their 30s & 40’s are the most common sufferers of extensive hair loss, although it isn’t abnormal for men in their late 20’s to experience thinning hair as well. Modern society dreads the idea of aging and we put a great deal of value into reversing or delaying it as much as possible.

The Face behind the Blackstone Group’s Unbelievable Financial Growth

This is Stephen A. Schwarzman’s story. Last year Steve was listed as the fifty third most wealthy person in the U.S.A. by Forbes Magazine, nevertheless it’s his significant success in the world of finance as well as his donations to non profit organizations that make this story something special. The Blackstone Group co-founder is inspiring and further proof that success can be gained by hard work and being truly dedicated to your job.

How to Make Your Own Wedding Favors

Everybody knows that a wedding is a costly event to organize. Gone are the days where the parents of the bride paid for the day in full. Now it is common for those actually getting married to contribute to the costs and many people feel that they do not wish to begin their married lives in debt, courtesy of the wedding itself.

The Secret Career of the Unknown Comic

Have you ever heard of the Unknown Comic? He was popular on TV shows in the 1970s and 1980s. He wore a paper bag over his head and cracked offensive jokes.  Audiences generally loved him but for a long time he did not reveal his true identity. In the late 1980s and early 1990s he started to unmask himself during shows. He turned out to be Murray Langston, a famous TV comic who had appeared on shows like Laugh In and The Sonny and Cher Show.  His long-time partner was Freeman King.