On Your Privacy

Furlong is a private, non-commercial blog. We sell nothing here and we’re not interested in advertising. As such, this Website collects very little information about you and your visit here. But that may change.

The Web server itself records incidental information about the IP address you use to find this site, your Web browser, and maybe a link to whatever Website you first visited to reach this site.

We may add some analytics tracking software to the site. That software may pass your browser and IP address information to a third party service which would in return provide us with reports. We would not be able to identify you from those reports.

We may change our minds about the advertising. Advertising networks use cookies or other means to identify you and learn about your advertising preferences. We would not receive any of that information.

Your online privacy is important to us. We will not collect and share your information without your knowledge and permission. This privacy policy constitutes a fair attempt to inform you of our practices and policies.