Simple Methods for Changing Your Financial Life

We embark upon our financial lives with little practical training. The art of personal finance has become more important since the Great Recession.

You hear the same advice all the time: spend less, save more and “live beneath your means”.  That is easy advice to give but not so easy to explain.  And following through is even harder.

Well I am here to say that I am tired of all these financial gurus paying lip service to common sense.  Of course you want to spend less than you make.  The question is how do you do that?

The theory of supplementing your income has been hashed and rehashed.  I think it’s time people stepped up to the plate and took a swing at that ball.  Share some ideas on how we can supplement our incomes.  The job picture in today’s economy is better than it was a few years ago but people are still struggling to make ends meet.

If you are already behind in your bills and cannot catch up, maybe you can find some creative new ways to borrow money.  Borrowing money is only a good idea when you can lower your interest rate or keep from going into default.  I don’t think you should borrow money just to keep paying your bills.  If you’re in that deep bankruptcy may be worth considering.

But be careful about writing off the debts you cannot pay.  They just may come back to haunt you.  The junk debt industry has only been around for about twenty years.  Personally I think it’s all fraud on a huge criminal scale and it should be outlawed.  I think these junk debt millionaires should be forced to pay restitution to their victims before going to jail for 150 years.

But back to saving more and spending less.  It’s doable.  For example you can save as much as $200 in ten days.  That is pretty impressive to me.  But you don’t just want to save $200, you want to save all the time.  It doesn’t matter how much you save as long as you are constantly saving.

Another great idea is to bypass the credit reporting system when you need to borrow money.  I was fascinated by this article on how to get a mortgage with no credit.  Credit histories are a stranglehold on our economy.  We need to find ways to get around all those damned credit checks because they really hold us back.

I think you have to start by doing some research into what options are available for you.  The idea that your financial life is hopelessly sacked because you are behind on your bills and have no credit should be thrown out the window.  Why do we have to put up with these medieval practices?  We live in an age where we all have equal access to the Internet.  I say, let’s use it to dig ourselves out of these holes we find ourselves in.