Should You Start Gambling on the Internet?

Partial screen shot of an online slot game.
Online gambling is popular around the world. Is it safe enough for players to indulge in it? That is an open question.

I’m not sure online gambling is fully legal in the United States but I have seen gambling news headlines for stories about changes to state laws where online gambling will now be permitted in some areas. The US Congress outlawed most types of online gambling in 2006, crushing the gambling affiliate industry in this country. But many people continued to find ways to slip past the legal watchdogs and gamble online. You can even play free online slot games if you wish, although I guess those are gateway games.

The FBI says do not gamble online and I suppose that is that. But they aren’t arresting millions of Americans who ignore the law. They do go after people who organize online gambling. I think the biggest bust was the one in 2011 where the FBI shut down 3 sites that were accepting American poker players.

If you don’t live in the United States you may be able to gamble online if you know how to begin. To me the most important thing would be to keep you finances in order so that you only gamble with money available for gambling. Too many people fall into the trap of thinking if they borrow against the rent money they can make it back in the next game. That is the scariest feeling.

Feelings represent what is going on inside our brains. One way to look at gambling is to evaluate how gamblers feel. Scientists have studied how people’s brains react to risky choices, which is another way to look at how we gamble. Some people are able to gamble without getting into trouble. But some percentage of gamblers become addicted and they cannot stop gambling no matter how hard they try.

I think that if you decide to start gambling on the Internet you should set some boundaries for yourself. And respect those boundaries. It is too easy to get caught up in the game and you lose perspective. If you’re gamble it should be safely, with minimal risk. Of course, if you’re gambling then you are taking some risk. I just mean that you need to protect your livelihood and your family.

You can lose $100 at a casino or blow it on dinner and a movie. What’s the difference if you have a good time and don’t hurt yourself or anyone else? As long as gambling is just entertainment then that’s okay. But if you do it online you should look up the laws in your state or country and abide by them. You don’t want to be the next major news story.