Some Thoughts Concerning Popcorn

All it takes is a look at the facts to understand the place popcorn holds in the nation’s tastes. An amazing 1,000,000,000 pounds of uncooked kernels changed hands over the counters of domestic vendors in 2000 alone. So let us steer you to the Popcorn Factory, the USA’s paramount provider of popcorn favors, popcorn balls, gourmet popcorn, tins of popcorn and beautiful arrangements, shipping more than a million pounds of the toothsome snack annually. In addition, it’s kosher certified, so anyone can enjoy it.

A bowl filled with popcorn
Popcorn is a delicious, light snack that comes in many flavors. Go easy on the butter if you want to keep the calories down!

Since 1979, the Factory has provided America with this toothsome foodstuff in many wonderful flavors. To make sure of quality they begin by determining the finest corn grown in the US. With corn oil, that taste’s preserved as the kernels pop, allowing other flavorings to be added. It’s packaged in colorful cartons and delivered fresh right to the buyer. Their most famous product line is easily the tins of popcorn, with the smaller tin holding 2.5 gallons and the large tin’s capacity being 6.

There truly is no better way to be sure your family have snacks — or even a staff function. Of course, everyone expects the plain and buttered varieties, but other flavors available might come as a surprise. Should these be too expensive, or if you happen to be thinking about something else, the Popcorn Factory also offers their toothsome treats in boxes. Like most gifts, these can be decorated to suit the reason they’re being given. The Factory offers additional personalization opportunities — an appropriate image, your name, even a personal note.

Many popcorn lovers just want one variety and simply ask for a large order. However, samplers contain lesser quantities of several flavors so the recipient can try them all. On the other hand, should you want a bigger variety, you have a solution — the tower. Although some towers are predesigned, you can also select the contents of each box in a custom stack. Popcorn in nearly any flavor you might want can be purchased from the Popcorn Factory. Buy them for use as gifts or as treats for yourself. Surely this piece has given you a multitude of great gift-giving possibilities.