An Introduction to Electric Bikes

We’re often nagged by the need to do more exercise but so much can get in the way. We see people packed into gyms doing exercise, and think : I must drive to the gym, pay my member’s costs, then lift some weights. It just seems like too much hassle, isn’t there something I can do that’s not going to waste too much of my precious time — something that’s even useful?

Electric bike pedal and motor
When you’re not quite ready for those steep slopes, electric bikes make life a little easier without sacrificing all the fun.

So you might consider bicycling, as cycling is a fantastic way to improve your health. You can ride to work or to the shops, so it’s very practical. It’s also very cheap — there’s no gasoline required and the maintenance are almost nothing. It’s also environmentally friendly. Oh, and it gets you fit too!

But many people are put off getting a bike since it’s TOO much exercise. As bizarre as that sounds, it could be because they might live in a very hilly area, be aged or have a particular ailment that make bicycling too “hardcore” for their abilities. Also for a few individuals, it’s not practical cycling to their work since they will sweat too much through the efforts of bicycling.

So this is where e-bikes, or electric bikes come in. They allow you to give your legs a break on the challenging slopes simply by turning your hand on the grip and letting the electric motor take over — you don’t need to do any peddling then. Then when you feel up to it, just start pedaling. So you get your moderate exercise and clean air without doing yourself in.

E-bikes are also very cheap to run needing only a daily battery re-charge if you cycle around 20 to 30 kilometers (12-18 miles) per day, although most people require only two re-charges a week as they are not doing this kind of distance. For the more adventurous, there are even electric mountain bikes for those who want to get out into the countryside but don’t quite have the calf muscles to scale the slopes.

These days the actual cost of buying an electric bike have dropped in price, so you can find yourself saving a considerable amount of cash on gym memberships, fuel, bus fares etc. by purchasing and regularly using an electric bike.