Gifts for the Groomsman Who Loves to Party

More than likely your groomsmen like to party, and luckily, there are a wide variety of great personalized and engraved groomsmen gifts that will fit the bill. Nothing says “thanks” like a personalized gift. A personalized gift tells your groomsmen that his gift was not just an afterthought. The level of attention to detail that personalization provides, of course, means that you really gave his gift some thought and planning. With this fact is mind it is always hard to go wrong with liquor and liquor related items. That’s what makes items such as personalized beer mugs and steins, engraved cocktail shakers and serving trays such a great fit.

Groomsmen standing together
Tradition says the groom should provide gifts to his groomsmen. They should be modest but suitable.

The fact that you’re getting married doesn’t mean that you and your friends won’t still be hanging out and enjoying drinks. Personalized drink accessories are an easy and appropriate gift because you know that these items are going to be used. With many gifts, one has to wonder if it “fits” the personality of the person you are shopping for. However, with a personalized sports mug, shot glass or beer stein, you know you’ve hit a homerun.

How many men are going to say, “I don’t need another mug or glass?” Not too many. These are the kind of items that guys will always need more of. The fact that you have personalized the gift makes it all that much better.

The Personalized Major League Baseball Beer Stein is a great idea because it allows you to not only add personalization, but to put your buddy’s favorite baseball team on the item. This is a great touch in that it shows that you know something about your friend and have been paying attention all these years! A personalized Sports Mug or Personalized Icon Sports Mug serves the same purpose.

Another way to go with the groomsmen gift is to consider drinking supplies that are more geared towards entertaining, such as an Engraved Luxe Cocktail Shaker or Personalized Fluted Shot Glasses. Every man, especially a single one, should have a good cocktail shaker, and the Engraved Luxe Cocktail Shaker is a beautiful cocktail shaker. This gift is engraved, holds 18 ounces, and is made of stainless steel. In fact, the stainless steel design opens up some really interesting possibilities such as pairing it with a personalized flask. The Personalized Brushed Metal Flask and The Deuce-Double Compartment Flask make nice visual matches.

Regardless of what direction you decide to take, it is easy to find a personalized gift that your groomsmen are bound to love and use again and again. One great aspect about these partying and drinking related gifts is that you don’t have to wonder as to whether or not they will get used. After all, a good sports mug is unlike to sit unused for long!