Four Websites That Published Great Video Collections

A “video collection” to me is just a group of videos that have been tied together by a common theme. Maybe they are all science fiction videos. Maybe they are all beer commercials like David’s last article. You put together what you think are some really great videos and let people enjoy them.

Screen capture from YouTube showing popular videos.
The Internet makes it easier to compile collections of videos, and people are sharing their collections online.

Here are four Websites I found that have published some nice video collections. The first is called Communizine and they published some Van Morrison music videos featuring almost all his greatest songs. It must have taken hours to find just the right videos for this collection. There are days when I go through all the videos and play them over and over again.

TheLinkyBlogger put together a short collection of soft rock videos for classic rock. The cool thing is that these are not all songs from the 1970s. Some of them are just a few years old. It’s pretty amazing that this style of music is still around and still popular with music lovers (and movie audiences) decades after “Classic Rock” flourished on the radio.

This blog from SF Fandom on WordPress talks about two of Michael Jackson’s best videos. The writer loves “Remember the Time”, the controversial Egyptian-style piece where Michael is a magician who enchants Pharoahess Iman. The other video is “Thriller”. Everyone has heard “Thriller” at least a dozen times, right?

Finally, another SF Fandom blog on Blogger shares a couple of videos of Elvish singer Heather Downing, who gave a live performance at a small Tolkien convention a few years ago. The article links to Heather’s CD, “Elementaria”, on Amazon. It doesn’t have many reviews but she sings pretty well.

There are so many videos out there. I read somewhere on the Web that something like 1 million hours of video is uploaded to Youtube every day. And that doesn’t include other services like Vimeo. You can put together a pretty interesting blog post with a few videos as long as you have something interesting to say about them.

Maybe I’ll find some more video pages I can listen to all day but these are pretty good in my opinion.