Really Great Heineken Commercials

Heineken is a brand of dutch beer that is popular in the United States. As imports go it’s a bit salty but some people just absolutely love it. The stylish green bottle stands out from American beers when you’re sitting at a bar with friends and strangers.

The ad agency that has been in charge of Heineken’s television commercials has created a string of popular “hits” that receive a lot of views on YouTube and social media. The emotional impact of the commercials is entirely artificial. Everyone knows that. But it’s fun to play along with the game.

This first commercial is called “I feel sad”. It’s funny even though it is all about sadness.

This commercial is called “Departure Roulette” and in it air travelers are offered the change to go anywhere in the world for free if they accept two conditions.

One of the most popular commercials is called “The Entrance”. A young man “makes an entrance” to a party and things light up as he interacts with his friends and other guests. Here is the long version (about 3 minutes). The song is called “The Golden Age” by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour.

Another very popular commercial is called “The Date”, using the same actor from “The Entrance”. The song performed by the ban d in this commercial is taken from a 1960s Hindu movie and is called “Jaan Pehchan Ho”.

Here is the original version of the song from the award-winning 1965 Hindi thriller Gumnaam.

This is a commercial called “Open Your World”. Four guys walk into a bar and then things start to happen….

The artist in that video is Clairy Browne & The Bagin’ Rackettes and the song is named “Love Letter”. In this next video, a man travels through time to 1873. The song is “Little Green Bag” by George Baker.

This commercial was called “The Voyage”. This is a version shown in the Spanish language markets.

“If there is life, the Dutch will find it.” Heineken has a little fun with NASA and the Mars exploration program.

You have to watch these two commercials in the following order. The first is called “Walk-in Fridge”. You figure out what the second one is named.