Thinking about Designer Dresses for the Perfect Woman

Fashion. The word brings to mind images of thin, leggy models walking down a runway, or a sales catalog from a major department store. We all have a fashion. Some fashions are more aesthetically pleasing than others.

Models walking on stage at a fashion show.
Designer dresses should be attractive, comfortable, and affordable. But most importantly – they must be fashionable!

According to various studies, women pay more attention to fashion than men. There are all sorts of theories about why that should be so. But what we can say with certainty is that fashion is both a man’s world and a woman’s world; men just are less obvious about it. But when you talk about fashion you’re almost always talking about fashion for women.

So let’s talk about “fashion for women”.

Long, flowing dresses are the staples this season and the following one, too. Ladies, you can stay ahead of the curve by outfitting yourself with some exceptionally stunning dresses this summer. When the weather turns cooler cover exposed shoulders with a denim jacket. Encase your feet in naked wedges and you have a look to die for.

As with most items of clothing varied styles of dresses flatter different body shapes. If the dress has narrow or no straps then be sure to wear the right bra so not to spoil the effect. Go for bras with detachable straps if you can.

Hide heavy hips with a structured dress that nips in at the waist. Hide bigger butts with dresses that have excess fabric to skim over. Augment a smaller bust with fancy or engaging neck lines and reduce a bulky higher arm with sleeves that are cut diagonally. To tame your belly, fool around with color and go for a dark shade to disguise it.

Now’s the time to mess around with colors and styles to find the fits which suit you the very best. Take it slow but have a very good time whilst doing so!

Thanks to my wife for helping me with the basics of fashion for woen.